This blog functions as the study journal of LC. It relates to the course content, and context, for the module DD317 in Social Psychology, at the Open University, UK.

The ‘TMA’ pages consist of notes relating directly to the module material.
Under ‘research’ is my independent study, particular under the “IS1” etc. tabs.


This course is divided in to 5 sections, with 5 related essays (TMAs).

S1: Social Psychology for a Contemporary Society
Themes: Globalisation (Communication/Threats); Migration; Citizenship; Identity (and Economy).
Approaches: Critical Psychology

S2: New Encounters Across Cultures in a Globalised World
Themes: Knowledge; Conflict; Culture/Identity; Multi-culturalism
Approaches: Sociocultural Psychology

S3: Contemporary Citizenship, Action and Participation
Themes: Social change; Political activism; Protest; Participation through Citizenship; How SP effects social change
Approaches: Political Psychology; Liberation Psychology; Social Identity Approach (SIA); Discursive Psychology

S4: Contemporary Social Psychological Subjects
Themes: The person as socially produced; Similarity and difference; Free choice; Identity; How changes in work effect changes in identity and social life; Gender; Utilitarianism
Approaches: Positive Psychology (A critical take)

S5: Threats and Fears; SP and Psychoanalysis
Themes: Psychoanalysis, Freud; ‘Bystander’; Conflict; etc.
Approaches: A look back at the multiple approaches in psychology